While aiming to keep a consistent mix of accommodation, this is not always possible due to availability and accommodation options do vary between the different camps.
Dorm room styled accommodation with shared shower and toilet facilities will be used during camps. Dorms will have no more than 10 guests per dorm with separate dorms for boys and girls.

Outside of the camps, guests will stay in either dorm accommodation or twin-share motel style accommodation. Please refer to your specific tour information for all your tour details.


Some of the activities you may take part in during your time on camp:

Local day: Activities could include ice breakers and warm up exercises, activity-based learning games including communication, trust, initiative and problem-solving exercises, basic navigation training and practical bush tramping skills, flying fox, low ropes and high ropes courses.

Water day: Activities could include caving, tube rafting and kayaking/canoeing on the local lakes.

Activities day: Offsite activities could include a mountain or climbing day, caving and abseiling.

Mountain day: The object of mountain day is to climb and explore the Tongariro national Park and surrounding local bush.

Overnight expeditions: Are usually for two days with a single night at camp and can be based in the bush, the mountain or on a lake depending on the weather and ability of the group.


Whilst on the Outdoor Education part of the camp, campers are not permitted to have a phone on their person as there is a possibility that they will lose or damage it during activities. Aside from this we also feel that this is an important part of the camp and we want to ensure time is spent forming bonds with fellow campers and appreciating the beautiful settings rather than spending time on a phone. We will ensure phones are properly looked after and returned to campers at the end of the four nights.

We do however permit campers to bring and use a proper camera if they so own one.

For the reminder of their tour campers are more than welcome to carry their phone with them with cell phone reception available throughout the tour.

When campers arrive into New Zealand, there will be an opportunity to buy a local sim card. Sim cards are generally between NZ$20 – $50 for 1-5GB of data.

If you need to contact your Child, please contact the main office and they will assist you in getting in touch with your Child.

Tours which don’t involve outdoor education activities are permitted to have their phone on them at all times although we hope you will enjoy the view outside the window!


All meal and food options have been carefully planned to ensure there is a mix of both local as well as Asian inspired meals. Throughout the tours we will also be stopping at a variety of restaurants to give campers a good idea of Western and New Zealand inspired cuisine. Snacks such as fruit and muesli bars will also be available outside of main meal times to ensure the campers don’t go hungry.

Example menus:

Breakfast – cereal, fruit, toast
Lunch – Sandwich, pizza, burger, curry and rice
Dinner – Spaghetti, BBQ, Chinese restaurant

If there are any dietary requirements, please let us know in advance and we will ensure this is catered to.


On all trips the ratio of guides to students will be no more than 1 guide to every 10 students. All guides will be professional and multi-lingual where required as well as trained in first-aid.

As we are a New Zealand based and operated company, we believe that there should be New Zealanders involved in all of our camps and tours. This ensures that guest get to form friendships and bonds with local Kiwi’s as well as their fellow campers.


For those of you coming from overseas to enjoy one of our tours:

Although our camps are ‘all-inclusive’, we suggest our campers bring some cash with them for souvenirs, drinks and snacks (although we will have snacks available) and other discretionary purchases. Campers will also require some money for a phone sim card should they like to buy one.

For students already studying in NZ:

You will need to Bring some cash as these tours don’t include lunch. We suggest NZ$40/day for lunch and snacks.


The environment is at the heart of everything we do.

Because of this, we recognise how critical it is we play our part in protecting it and ensuring we take all efforts to leave it in a better condition than we found it. To do this, we have partnered with The Ocean Beach Restoration Trust based in Hawke’s Bay.

They work towards restoring and protecting our magnificent costal landscapes. Their work involves replanting native forests with trees grown from seedlings in their own nursery and using volunteers to plant young trees around local costal sand dunes.

We contribute one tree per guest that visits New Zealand. That way, as well as leaving a lasting legacy on the New Zealand coastline, each guest departs New Zealand knowing they meaningfully contributed to the countries environmental future.


Air travel

All transportation and tickets will be arranged by us in advance for groups coming from overseas. For students studying in NZ, your flights to  and from the tour are not included. We will help you to organise these after you’ve paid your deposit.

Ground transport

We provide all ground transportation using highly reputable coach companies based in New Zealand. All drivers will be highly proficient with many years of driving experience.


Please see attached gear list.


Safety is of paramount importance to us. We therefore strive to provide the safest possible environment to all of our guests at all times.

Our safety assurances:

  1. All companies and contractors we work with have a long established and exemplary safety record;
  2. All companies we work with have a detailed Safety Management Plan (SMP). This can be made available to you on request;
  3. Every effort is made to make sure any and all risk and danger is minimised and mitigated wherever possible;
  4. All guides will be trained in first aid and hold the latest qualifications;
  5. Every trip will have a guide fluent in both English and Mandarin (or other languages if necessary). This is to ensure that there is minimal chance of ‘lost in translation’;
  6. The guide to participant ratio will be no more than 1 guide to 10 participants;
  7. All participants will be required to fill out a comprehensive medical history and consent form;
  8. All drivers will have the appropriate licences as required by New Zealand Law;

We will provide detailed gear lists to all participants to ensure that they are clothed appropriately for the duration of their trip.


  • Can I hire clothing and gear?

    Yes, some of the more specialised gear can be hired from selected partners. This includes fleece jerseys, fleece bottoms, waterproof rain coat, waterproof over trousers, swollen balaclava, mitts, tramping boots, rubber gumboots, large hiking pack, wetsuit, sleeping bag + liner.

    Please see the gear list for more details.

  • Can I contact my daughter/son whilst they are on camp/tour?

    Yes, they will be able to carry a phone while they are in New Zealand. We do ask however that during the outdoor education aspect of the camp that they refrain from using cell phones. Tour administrator and guides will always be contactable if required.

  • Will the weather affect the camp?

    No, rain is a fact of life and we won’t let it ruin our fun. We will provide rain coats as needed.

  • Can I accompany my child on some or all of the camp/tour?

    No, we believe that for our campers to get the most out of their trip, they should do it without their parents looking over their shoulder at every turn.

  • Can you arrange additional destinations or activities not included in the camps?

    Yes, please get in touch with the team.

  • How do I pay for Long White Tours?

    We accept payment by credit card including Mastercard, Visa and Unionpay. We also accept WeChat Pay, Alipay and Paypal.

  • How many students are on a camp/tour at any one time?

    We aim to have 20 students on all of our camps as this is a good number for the activities we’ll be doing. It also gives us the opportunity to make more new friends, win-win.

  • Is New Zealand a safe place to travel?

    Yes, New Zealand is internationally recognised as being one of the safest destinations in the world.

  • Why should I choose LWT?

    Long White Tours combines both outdoor education camps and New Zealand tours. We are a New Zealand based company with strong foundations both here and throughout Asia. We have hosted numerous successful camps and tours since we were founded over two years ago.

  • How do I know that Long White Tours is a legitimate travel company?

    ong White Tours is a registered NZ company, our incorporation number is 5895370. We are also verified by the Tourism Industry Aotearoa (link at bottom of page). Our TIA number is 14705.

  • Can children under the age of 18 participate?

    Yes, we have camps suited for a range of ages. For each camps age range, please see the individual camp page.

  • Can I come with a friend(s) or a partner?

    Yes, friends and couples are welcome to participate in our camps together. We will do our best to place you in shared accommodation although this may not always be possible. To apply, please write the name(s) of your group on your application form under ‘anything else we should know’.

  • Can I participate with a group of students, colleagues or friends?

    Absolutely, please get in touch.

  • Do I need to speak English?

    No, we provide mandarin translator/guides on our tours where necessary.